In some relationships, the desire to break up with your partner is so strong that it forces you to take action before you even give yourself the chance to think about it. This almost always lands up coming across as heartless, cowardly, immature and can cause so much more pain than it should.

Some people try to take the easy way out or are just plain cruel by nature and have no regard for their partner’s feelings, the time and effort that was invested in the relationship which causes them to resort to some of the worst ways to break up with someone.

Sending any Sort of Written Message

It may seem like the quickest, simplest and easiest way for you to avoid conflict but by breaking up with the person you once cared about and spent time with through email, text, IM, Snapchat or social media will only cause more conflict and will drag the breakup process out even more as they will have so many questions for you to answer.

Breaking up with someone by sending any sort of written message is so cruel, cold and immature.

Another nasty and heartless way to break up with your partner is through a phone call. Do not be a coward and do it in person

While under the influence of alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol may give you the courage you think that you need to break up with your partner but it is not effective at all as your partner will not take you seriously and there is a chance that you will land up saying things you do not actually mean to say and later will regret them as it will all backfire on you. It is so much better to be in a clear frame of mind to explain and answer questions that may come your way honestly.

Getting someone else to do it for you.

By asking a friend or someone else to do your dirty work for you is really the lowest of low, immature and just shows how much of a coward you are. Have the decency to end your relationship yourself and in person.

By intentionally starting a fight.

Taking a small issue or past issue and using it to start a fight intentionally to end your relationship is just so sad and disrespectful to your partner. Once the relationship is over the fight will be the thing that will play over and over in their mind and they will soon realize how you manipulated them and resent you for it.

Getting caught cheating.

Making sure that your partner catches you cheating will definitely make them want to break up with you but it will cause a lot of unnecessary pain for both of you, they will hate you and your reputation will suffer too.

In a public place.

By using a public place with a lot of people around to break up with your partner is never a good thing to do as there will definitely be a reaction and maybe a scene which is embarrassing for both of you as it could land up being posted all over the internet and you both will have to re-live it over and over again.

One last romantic night out.

Having one last romantic night out with your partner and breaking up with them, does not mean that it will soften the blow or be any easier, it will only cause confusion on their part as they will think that you are trying to make an effort to work things out and everything will be fine.